December Challenge: Slow Down for Your Sanity

As many of you know I suffer from anxiety. Luckily I have yoga to help me out! However, when life gets crazy I'm not great about carving out time for my yoga. I frequently spiral into this vicious cycle of getting anxious about all the things I need to do so I scramble to make time for my practice because I know it'll make me feel better, but I then don't make time for my practice and my anxiety just increases. It's terrible. 

But here's the deal, your practice doesn't have to be a full 60-90 minute practice where you roll out your mat and finish in a puddle of sweat. Your practice could be a two minute meditation. Your practice could be a few breaths in Supta Padangusthasana with a strap. Your practice could be a few seconds where you pause at your desk to focus on your breath. It's important to take the pressure off yourself and remember your practice can take on many shapes. Once I got over the mental hurdle of what my practice is supposed to look like I started to feel a lot better and didn't feel so anxious about fitting in my practice. 

File_000 (5).png

As we creep into the hectic holidays, yogis, I'm offering a little gift to you. Every few days in December I'll be posting videos or small points on how to fit in your yoga practice. The posts will vary from simple restorative postures to meditations to help you focus to basic breathing exercises. I'll be right there with you throughout the entire month in hopes we can all slow down a bit during the busy holiday season and maintain our sanity. 

Be sure to find me on Instagram and Facebook if you haven't done so yet to follow along. Be sure to add #slowdownforyoursanity if you want to capture a photo or video and join other yogis who are taking on the challenge.  No fancy poses, No party tricks. Just time for you to practice some self care. I'll also be sure to post all my tips here on my blog too. 

Let me know how I can help you throughout the month! My hope is that we, as a community, can hold each other accountable.