December Challenge: Get Cozy

Holiday got you stressed out? Me too! I have quickly fallen into my usual December pattern. I'm living one day ahead of myself and not sure which side is up. That's when my restorative yoga practice is there to save the day!

Yogis, take some time to get cozy with a yoga bolster in one of my favorite restorative yoga postures--restorative twist. It's super simple:

File_000 (11).jpeg
  • Find a large, slightly squishy, prop like a bolster, pillow, couch cushion, teddy bear, or even a dog!
  • Place your legs in a narrow Z-like shape
  • Scoot your hips right up to the edge of your prop
  • Lay your torso across your prop
  • You can slide your hands under the prop or experiment with the placement of your arms
  • For less of a twist look in the direction of your knees and for a deeper twist look away from your knees

There's truly no right or wrong way to do this one. Cozy sweatshirt and socks are optional, but definitely worth it. Give it a shot! Snuggle on up!