Heck Yes I'm Nervous!

I recently wrapped up a few weeks of mentoring teachers who were ready to take their teaching to the next level. It's a process I love. It sounds cliche, but I always feel like I learn more from them than they learn from me. It's important to remember that I, too, was a new teacher. After teaching for as long as I have it's easy to lose sight of where I started. After our coaching sessions I'm left energized and inspired.

During our process I shared with my students that I was about to start my 500 hour teacher training in San Francisco with Jason Crandell. I expressed to them that I've been battling some anxiety and nerves with the upcoming training. They were shocked that I was nervous. "Heck yes, I'm nervous!", I blurted out to them. I shared with them my anxiety about my experience as a teacher. Am I good enough to be in this training? Will I absorb the information? Should I even be in this training?!?

Of course all of these thoughts are ridiculous and I should simply embrace the time that I have to be a student and immerse myself in my studies. But I can't deny that I've got a lot of nerves swirling around. I'm a homebody and will be completely thrown out of my routine for two weeks. I've never been to San Francisco. I've never traveled alone for this long. I've never even been away from home for this long! I'm going to miss my husband and pets terribly. I am even anxious about the time difference. My usual 4:30am wake-up time will be 2:30am San Francisco time. 


But here goes nothing. I've been hoping to take this training for over a year now and here I am at the MSP airport waiting to take off for San Francisco. I plan to blog about my experience. Whether or not I write in realtime is uncertain, but check back soon. I'll be writing about the process and how I deal with the unnecessary nerves. Wish me luck!