So, What Did You Learn?

Two weeks ago I returned home after spending two weeks in San Francisco intensely studying yoga with Jason Crandell alongside 49 other inspiring human beings. Once I got home my brain was completely fried, but I was so excited to get back to teaching. I couldn't possibly transfer everything I learned immediately to my public classes, so I started small. Literally. Over the last two weeks my Vinyasa classes have focused on the contact points of the feet in specific yoga postures. That's it!

Many of my students and peers knew I was traveling for an advanced training. When I returned to regularly scheduled programming a lot of people asked, "What did you learn?" I knew this question would arise, but I wasn't anticipating my response: Complete and utter silence. Silence that was paired with a huge, stupid grin, but silence. A few days after my return I started to pepper in phrases like: "I learned so much and I'm still processing it all." Of course no one actually expects me to babble on about the material I learned while sitting in a yoga room for almost 100 hours, but I was expecting to have something concrete to share. 

The truth is I'm two weeks removed from training and still processing. Did I learn anything? Or did I learn so much that it'll take some time to unravel? I'm going with the latter. Although I hope to complete all 300 hours of my training this July, I need to remember that it won't all magically sink in right away. It'll be a while before I'm able to apply everything I learn. On second thought, I probably will never apply everything I learn! 

With the question of "What did you learn?", I need to ease the pressure off myself to process everything instantly. Learning, just like yoga, is a lifelong practice. It'll take time for everything to sink in. I suppose I should practice some patience.