Well That Didn't Last Long

I’m not a quitter. Sure I like to dabble and things might eventually fade away, but when I’m passionate about something I don’t walk away from it lightly.

So let’s get this straight: I’m not quitting on Voyager Yoga. After only a couple months I’m restructuring. Already.

I’ve taken these last few weeks to reflect upon why I started Voyager Yoga, the struggles of the space, and what I have enjoyed about the classes I’ve offered. I’m so grateful for everyone who has taken class there. It’s been a joy to teach everyone that has stepped through the quirky space’s doors. I have loved challenging myself in new ways professionally and settling into my comfortable groove as a yoga teacher. But at the end of the day Voyager Yoga has been a big undertaking. The space has had a lot of maintenance issues which constantly need to be addressed, I’m scheduling in classes when I’m already exhausted and overworked, and I feel like I’m losing the essence of why I dreamed up this endeavor in the first place.

I was recently discussing Voyager with my husband. My always practical and patient husband gave me some sound advice:

Voyager Yoga isn’t your average yoga studio. You don’t even want it to be a yoga studio. Don’t run it like a yoga studio.

He’s right. I initially scheduled two drop-in classes per week at Voyager Yoga in the hopes of building community. But I don’t want to teach more drop-in classes. I teach plenty of those as it is! (And for various reasons I will continue to teach a lot of drop-in classes for the foreseeable future.) I wanted Voyager Yoga to be a place where students expanded their knowledge on their practice. I went ahead with the endeavor so that I could host more specialty classes with strong focal points. I wanted to challenge myself as a teacher and offer more to the greater yoga community. However, when you’re already tired and overworked, the message gets muddied and lacks focus. Over these last couple of months I’ve felt like my classes haven’t fulfilled Voyager’s mission statement. I know I teach solid drop-in classes. However, I excel when given clear parameters. It’s almost like I started Voyager Yoga and the possibilities become so endless that I lost sight of my intention.

With that, starting in December I’m shifting gears at Voyager Yoga. I’m going to use the space less and create more structure and focus around the classes I offer. Rather than teaching two open level classes per week, I’ll only offer three classes a month. These three classes per month will give me the opportunity to actually do what I love, in a space that has become so special to me, without feeling like I’m drowning in my already full schedule.

I work far too much and that’s a big reason for the restructuring. A few weeks ago I forced myself to clock every minute I put into all things work related. I stopped keeping track once I hit 75 hours. It’s too much. It’s too much especially when I’m not feeling like I’m heading in a productive direction.

As much as I have enjoyed the planning and execution of Voyager Yoga, I’m excited for it to play a smaller role in my life. That smaller role will pack a stronger, more meaningful punch.