Skills & Drills: Sphinx Roll-Ups

I actually enjoy working my abdominals. However, I don't enjoy crunches. The repetitive motion of my spine is uncomfortable, my neck usually ends up working my than my abdominals, and the exercise is useless. I'd much rather work my midsection in a functional way that supports my asana practice. Luckily we have Sphinx Roll-Ups!

I first experienced this drill when I took my teacher's inversion workshop back in 2012. I loved and hated it all at the same time and knew it was something I needed to integrate into my own practice and teaching. Over the years my students have also grown to love and hate Sphinx Roll-Ups. It's a very effective way to get your core to fire in preparation for inversions and arm balances and it's a powerful way to work your abdominals without putting pressure on your spine. 

Check it out!