You Don't Have to Yoga Alone

This week was a pretty big week for me. I took three public, group yoga classes. Yes. Three! The last time I took that many public classes I was in San Francisco and all three of those classes were taught by my teacher. With my teacher I know what I'm going to get. When I step foot into a class with a teacher I don't know all sorts of anxiety overwhelms me. It's hard enough for me to carve out time to get on my mat. When I calculate in drive time, finding parking, and paying for the class I often wonder if it's worth it. Not to mention I have to give myself a little pep talk before class which usually consists of, "Don't be a judgmental jerk. You have something to learn from all teachers." 

Over the last year or so 95% of my practice has been either at home or in an empty yoga studio. Sometimes it's just me moving through whatever postures, pranayama exercises, or meditation I need that day. Other times I take a guided practice with my teacher through YogaGlo. Either way it's just me. Doing my practice. By myself. 

I took class at the beautiful  Yess Yoga  in South Minneapolis. Check it out!

I took class at the beautiful Yess Yoga in South Minneapolis. Check it out!

I'm so grateful I got off my high horse and took class this week. Each class offered me something a little different, but every class allowed me to get out of my head and just commit to my practice. I was able to move and breathe with a community of yogis and get direct feedback from skilled teachers. It was great!

Here's my question to you, yogis, have you fallen into a pattern with your practice? Do you always take class from the same teacher(s)? Do you only go to a specific studio? Do you only take one type of yoga? Why not get a little uncomfortable and try something new? I am the first one to advocate for a student to find one teacher, but I'm also opening my eyes to the value of branching out at times. Give it a shot!