The Yoga Love Bubble

A few weeks ago I was on a walk with a dear friend. We were catching up on all sorts of things including my time in San Francisco for my 300 hour training and how excited I was to reconnect with my people in a city I love doing what I enjoy most. She said, "It's the yoga love bubble!" She was so right. My two weeks of studying yoga and making deep connections with incredible human beings is a sweet, simmer in a love bubble.

As I type this I'm about to embark on my second day of my last module of my 300 hour training. I feel very accomplished, but also very sad that this time is about to come to an end. It's bittersweet. My yoga love bubble will burst, and then what?

I won't bore you with the chain of events, but a while ago my husband encouraged me to explore the idea of leading a yoga retreat. I kind of blew him off and figured it would never happen. Then a few signs appeared earlier this year that made me think, "Okay. Perhaps this yoga retreat thing is worth looking into." One thing led to the next and I'm about to lead my first yoga retreat alongside one of my mentors in March. 

The yoga retreat idea popped up and I ran with it without taking a step back and asking myself an important question:

Why? Why take a group of students to a beautiful location and commit time to yoga?

Simply put, it's the yoga love bubble.

Of course a yoga retreat differs from my time in my 300 hour. My co-lead and I won't be lecturing students on yoga anatomy (okay, I probably will) and facilitating discussions on the Upanishads (I mean we could!) during our retreat, but the clarity I feel after dropping everything and dedicating substantial time to a yoga practice is invaluable. It's not just about a consistent physical practice that leads to deeper backbends or stronger inversions. It's about connecting with other likeminded people and shedding away the unnecessary to explore the deeper elements that create you. 

Why not experience the yoga love bubble for yourself? If you value your yoga practice it's worth considering. We'd love it if you joined us in Baja California, Mexico in March