Voyager Yoga

Many of you have been asking me about this Voyager Yoga thing. It’s a thing and I have zero idea what it’ll become.

Over the last year or so I think I hit some existential crisis. Who am I? What should I do with my life? You know. This big questions that keep you up at night. These questions haven’t suddenly popped up because I’m dissatisfied with my life. It’s actually quite the opposite. I’ve got a pretty rad life. I spend my days with inspiring people and teach them yoga. I surround myself with good people and even better pets. Most of all I have a partner who supports me and loves me even though I’m messy, stubborn, and a total workaholic. My life is great.

Of course my over-achieving personality isn’t content with great. I’ve been itching for a new challenge. I’ve been craving something new. I’ve been waiting to take on something that is 100% and completely me.

One morning last month I was listening to Yogaland Podcast. Andrea was interviewing J. Brown, a yoga teacher currently based in Allentown, PA. J. shared his experience as a yoga studio owner in Brooklyn for ten years and how he has no desire to establish the same thing in Allentown. However, he recently started renting space in an artist loft to offer a few classes a week. He shared that although he’s also teaching at other studios in Allentown, his classes at the loft allow him to offer the classes that feed him as a teacher.

Cue lightbulb in Erin’s brain.

After listening to that episode (honestly, I’m not even sure if I actually finished the episode because I was so inspired) I jumped onto Craigslist. Could I, too, find a space to rent to offer a few classes a week? Not that I need to teach more classes, because we all know my schedule is already jam-packed. But the idea of having a space to just do my thing lit me up.

Lucky me. I stumbled upon something amazing. Posted less than 24 hours before my podcast-inspired idea was a photography studio seeking someone to sublet. I inquired and within hours set an appointment to check out the space in person the next day. The moment I walked into the space I knew it was my space. A corner unit with exposed brick, big windows, and space for me to fill with yoga mats, props, and eager students.

Once the papers were signed I was quick to move onto the next steps.

First, the name. I am terrible with names and titles! I like literal things without bells and whistles. However, I wanted the name to speak to who I am as a yoga teacher and human being. My sounding board, my husband, vetoed everything I came up with. It was for the best since he came up with the best name of all: Voyager Yoga. The practice of yoga is about exploration. It’s a never-ending journey. We’re all on our own voyage when it comes to our yoga practice. Plus the conjured image of outdoor exploration and adventure suits me and my passions beyond yoga.

The name was born, a logo was made, and the brainstorming continued. Frankly the brainstorming will be a constant process as I explore Voyager’s future. Let me be transparent. I am not opening a yoga studio. I’m renting a space to teach classes that feel authentic to me. I’m a work horse with certain expectations. I am truly a miserable person to work alongside. Trust me. Voyager Yoga will give me the space to experiment with my teaching and have total ownership over the product.

I’m incredibly nervous about this endeavor. I’m already preparing myself for the days when no one shows up to take class. I will constantly question everything and dive deep into self doubt. But it’s an endeavor I need to take at this point in my life. My commitment is minimal and there’s a chance Voyager Yoga will just fade away within a few months. Before I even teach my first class in the space I’m trying to release myself from expectations and results.

It’s all a journey.

I hope you follow along with this journey.