Skills & Drills: Handstand Swing & Hops

For a long time this was one my least favorite methods to get into Handstand. I never felt like I had enough control and I'd end up cartwheeling instantly out of the posture. Now it tends to be my go-to approach, but it does require a lot of focus and control. It's a method I occasionally offer in my own group classes as most students can at least get a tiny sense of lift even if it's only an inch or two from the floor. 

Handstand Swing & Hops

From a Standing Splits position:

  • Lift your standing heel as high as you can
  • Bend your standing knee enough so that your belly touches, or comes close to touching, your standing thigh
  • Be mindful to keep your pelvis as level to the floor as possible and turn your lifted hip down
  • It's not always necessary, but a slight gaze forward is helpful in most bodies
  • With your hands about shoulder distance apart, grip your mat with your fingertips and get ready to bear weight
  • Keep your arms straight and push your mat away from you
  • At the bottom of you exhalation (when your lungs are empty) use the power of your bent, standing leg to lift you up