December Challenge: Find Your Flow

I studied modern dance in college. I loved the freedom modern dance gave me to just move my body. I recall, especially in my improvisation classes, falling into a lovely flow state by just moving however I felt like moving in that moment. I recall countless occasions where I would lay on the dance studio floor and just move one of my arms over and over again in the same manner. I'd sync up my breath with my simple movement and I was in the zone. That's why it was so easy for me to fall in love with vinyasa yoga. That's why I still love vinyasa yoga. The connection of the breath and movement is meditative and calming. 

Although I have a deep appreciation for vinyasa yoga, I do find that vinyasa yoga easily gets a little too fancy. Give me the simplicity of surya namaskar, sun salutation, over an endless choreographed pattern of postures any day. There's a reason sun salutations are done early in most vinyasa yoga classes. Just emphasizing breath isn't always enough. The process of folding and unfolding the body in time with breath is almost hypnotizing. Dropping into a flow state early on allows the mind and body to truly commit to the practice. My home practice primarily consists of me doing a whole bunch of sun salutations. I never get bored. The process never feels monotonous. It just feels good to flow.

Here's my challenge to you: just flow. Do a movement and connect it with your breath. That's it. It could be as simple as lifting your arms overhead on your inhalation and drawing your hands to heart center on your exhalation. Perhaps you decide to string a long series of yoga postures together. Heck I even get into a flow state at the gym! When I'm swinging a giant kettlebell you better believe I'm syncing my movement with my breath to stay in the zone. 

Try it out! Consider ways you can find a breath and movement connection when you're off your yoga mat. Is there a movement you find yourself repeating over and over again in your daily life? Why not establish a rhythm with your breath? How does it feel?