Skills & Drills: Inchworms

As my teacher often preaches yoga is a skill-based discipline. Yoga isn't just about stretching your legs or going upside down. Yoga takes time. Yoga takes practice. Yoga takes skill. 

My handstand practice has made it clear that skills are an essential part of the practice. Sure I could aimlessly kick up into handstand for days, but it'll probably result in the same flailing each and every time. Taking the time to work through drills and strengthen my hands, shoulders, and core benefit me more than setting the intention of simply sticking handstand. 

This Inchworm Drill is one of my go-to handstand preps. It's quite simple and really easy to integrate into your vinyasa yoga practice. 

Start in plank. Before moving drive through your hands and actively push your mat away from you. Then tiptoe your feet toward your wrists. Continue to push through your hands and engage your abdominal core. Walk your feet in as close as you can with straight legs and straight arms. If you have tighter hamstrings just walk your feet in as close as you can. Be patient with yourself and the process. You could even prop up each hand on a block to give you more clearance. Eventually you might be able to walk your feet all the way to your wrists while still feeling the push of your hands into your mat.