An Open Schedule & Absolute Happiness on a Yoga Mat

I am certain of two things: I am a homebody and I'm uncomfortable with being out of my routine. This morning I woke up and didn't know what to do with myself. Even if I'm at home with nothing on my schedule I still have pets to care for, a kitchen to clean, a husband to hang out with, piles of laundry to tend to. This morning there was none of that. I thoroughly enjoy my alone time, but this is different. However, I know things will change once training gets rolling tomorrow. 

Since I wasn't sure what to do, I figured I'd do some yoga. The one thing I wanted to do before training started was figure out where the host studio, Love Story Yoga, was located and time my walk. Although I will be doing a ridiculous amount of yoga over the next two weeks, I really needed to move my body after traveling yesterday and figured I'd take a class since I'd be walking to the studio anyway. 

I am so glad I decided to take class. Peter Walters guided class. He's someone I've been following on Instagram for a few months now and I was excited to check out his flow. I can't recall the last time I smiled so much in a yoga class. First, the space is beautiful! It's open, warm, and welcoming. Peter started class with some chanting while he played the harmonium. He then led us through Nadi Shodhana Pranayama. (I know I'm all about the alignment and form of an Asana practice, but can more teachers in Minnesota please start practice like this? Please?) I smiled and teared up a bit in those first few minutes. Chanting still feels slightly foreign to me, but it always feels so good. Peter's flow was challenging, but playful. He encouraged us to always smile in Utkatasana and I couldn't help but smile during most of practice. I had tapped into absolute happiness while on my mat. The whole 90 minutes were very freeing and it reminded me that sometimes it's okay to ditch precise alignment in Ardha Chandrasana. Just moving to feel good is incredibly valuable. 

I left the practice energized and ready for the next two weeks. Once I left the studio I decided to just walk. Sure San Francisco has accessible public transportation, but so much gets missed when you're on a bus or train. I walked all over the place. I checked out the amazing Grace Cathedral. I had my yoga mat attached to me so many people stopped to ask if I regularly attended Darren Main's infamous classes on the Labyrinth. I responded with a sad, "No", and wished I had time to check out more amazing teachers in San Francisco during my stay. I did, however, get a chance to walk the Labyrinth. It's a pretty neat experience. 

Lastly, I had to walk to Alamo Square to check out the Painted Ladies. Full House shaped so many aspects of my childhood and I couldn't resist the chance to check out the park where some of the opening credits were filmed. Through a lot of rain and high winds I climbed to the square to only find out it was being renovated. I know it's kind of lame, but I was just happy to snap a photo to share with my sisters. 

The wind and rain got the best of me and it was time for this homebody to head "home" for some R&R before tomorrow's full day of yoga. Until next time, friends.