Feet are Fascinating

Day 1 of Module 1 of my 500 Hour Teacher Training is in the books and I'm feeling pretty good!

These two weeks will be focused on the hips and everything below. Today we started with the feet. Those things that attach to the bottom of your legs aren't just there to be massaged and receive pedicures. Your feet are incredibly complex and are essential to move you through space. I'm still unpacking a lot of the information that was presented today, but all I can say is the feet are fascinating. So much of our alignment in standing postures comes down to the feet. 

I wrapped up today's session feeling really good about my abilities as a yoga teacher. Although I am confident in my ability to guide students through safe and intelligent classes, I often get anxious when I'm surrounded by other teachers. My anxiety definitely settled before we wrapped up today. I'll be surrounded by a group of peers with varying experiences for the next two weeks. I'm excited to learn from them and alongside them. 

Although I've only completed one day of training I'm looking forward to digesting all the information and someday applying it to my classes. I signed up for this training because I wanted to commit a good chunk of time to being a student, but in the process I want to become a better teacher. I think I'm on the right path. 

One final note on my first day: Jason shared with us at the beginning of today's session that he has a very strong teaching personality. I knew exactly what he was talking about. I just might have to adopt that phrase.